May 5th, 2023, 4pm–7pm

Fine Arts Building Rotunda

at SUNY New Paltz

The 2023 Graphic Design Thesis Show celebrates the work of graduating BFA students in the Graphic Design program at New Paltz.

The event brings together current students, alumni, family, friends, local professionals and the entire campus community. Meet and network with current students, faculty and view the thesis projects and portfolios by our talented seniors.

About the Graphic Design Senior Thesis Project

The design thesis is a year-long focused exploration of a design idea or area. Students pursue their ideas and position their investigations relative to conventional and contemporary practice. Students apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout their education to a final project that showcases their creativity and design expertise. In two semesters, students select a topic for their thesis project, develop a proposal, conduct research, and create final design products presented in the senior show. Through this process, students gain experience in critical thinking and visual problem-solving, while also connecting their work to topics that interest them and audiences impacted by the outcomes.

We would like to recognize the individuals who have worked to make this year's senior show & its promotion all possible.

Thesis Advisor

Amy Papaelias

Portfolio Advisors

Etsuko Rosenblum

Kristoff Lalicki

Graphic Design Faculty 2022–2023

Chris Andreola, Lecturer

Anne Galperin, Associate Professor

Shauna Keating, Adjunct Instructor

Joshua Korenblat, Associate Professor

Kristoff Lalicki, Adjunct Instructor

Amy Papaelias, Associate Professor

Gillian Potts, Adjunct Instructor

Brianna Rascoe, Adjunct Instructor

Etsuko Rosenblum, Adjunct Instructor

Additional Thank Yous To

Peter Demuth

Keith Ferris

Ben Kellogg

Print Services: Jim, Jeff, and Alan

Thesis Show Branding Team

Eve Fagan

Kim Blum

Emma Riddle

Lianna Maley

Thesis Website

Kim Blum

Print Catalog and Assets

Emma Riddle

Lianna Maley

Social Media and Portrait Photos

Eve Fagan

Site Template Design

Luke Barnell (BFA 20)

Tania Velin (BFA 20)