The Graphic Design BFA graduating class of 2023 has faced a unique set of challenges during their time in school. This class experienced the 2020 water crisis, navigated the uncertainties of the pandemic, and witnessed the terrible kerning of the "Old Library" sign.

Despite these obstacles, they have demonstrated remarkable resilience and creativity, and are undoubtedly prepared to succeed in this world!

Veronica Alvarez

Trivette Belgrave

Alessandria Bisio

Kim Blum

Ally Burgarella

Ryan Carrick

Arianna Castanon

Eve Fagan

Julia Gajda

Pascal Gervasio

Kat Giunta

Julien Khurey

Paul Lopez

Lianna Maley

Caitlin McGetrick

Brianna Morano

Julianna Nasi

Shelby Nine

Patrick O’Brien

Ezra Peterman

Emma Riddle

Claire Riis

Halle Risko

Evelynmarie Rose

Stephanie Rott

Juan Ruiz

Eve Sauer

Heather Tanzella

Curt Thomas

Nathaniel Whitehall

Maggie Xiao