How Do You Game?

Maggie Xiao

The gaming community and video game industry are usually known as a “boy’s club” online. Although, according to the Entertainment Software Association’s 2022 Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry, 48 percent of gamers identify as women (with ~1% choosing “other” or “prefer not to answer”). However, even with these demographics, the attitude towards non-cis-male gendered players is sometimes, if not most of the time, the negative and toxic variety that results in discrimination and bullying that affects the quality of play for all of the players. In this project, How Do You Game? I have created a space where those of all genders are able to share what their gendered gaming experience has been. I hope this spreads more awareness so that the gaming community can evolve for the better. The outcomes of this project are a one-page printable zine, a more in-depth digital zine, a poster on “gamer etiquette” and a social media profile.