Tarrytown Public Market

Shelby Nine-Durso

Tarrytown Public Market is the product of speculative design — to imagine what could exist in an empty historic building in the heart of downtown. My initial inspiration was the Thompson Adsett quote, “Great markets can spark urban revitalization, foster community diversity, and improve public health.” I began to focus on year-round indoor marketplaces to better understand how these spaces come to life, from concept to completion. The goal of this project is to generate excitement by helping people visualize a hub for culinary experiences and community engagement. Through extensive research and public input, I created the concept, brand identity, social media campaign, and website.

Ultimately, the mission of Tarrytown Public Market is to support diverse entrepreneurs and customers alike, and to positively contribute to the overall well being of everyone in our community. I hope that whether you are an entrepreneur or curious community member, you will be able to have a better understanding of how a local year-round market can thrive in any community.