Julia Gajda

Most people encounter stress and anxiety at some point in their life. Depending on intensity, this may negatively affect a person’s quality of life. The topic of mental health has become more apparent for college students who struggle with bringing awareness to their feelings. Psychological ideas of positive reinforcement and repetition are methods proven to relieve stress and anxiety. ENHANCE: Mental Health Reset is a product for SUNY New Paltz students that prompts users with a task that corresponds to a mental or physical concept focusing on oneself. The standing design helps remind the user about their daily task. The pages include information regarding the task at hand, as well as a follow up reflection for the user to check off their completed task of the day. Additional information about local and campus mental health resources can be found along the bottom of the pages. Every person handles mental health differently. This product encourages users to try out new relaxation techniques to see which ones can benefit them the most. By performing these repetitive tasks, students can incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives.