What’s In Your Bottle?

Julianna Nasi

Your favorite cosmetic brands have been deceiving you. Each year billions of waste is produced by the cosmetic industry alone and very little of that waste can actually be recycled. How is this possible when brands claim to be sustainable? Many cosmetic brands will use a tactic called ‘Greenwashing’, the practice of falsifying information about the environmental factors of a product, service, or brand. Some brands do this to make their products seem more environmentally friendly when, in fact, many of the ingredients could be potentially harmful for you and the environment. The next time you see phrases such as Clean or All Natural, take a closer look at the back of your bottle.

What’s In Your Bottle? is a campaign and social media campaign that educates consumers on the deceiving cosmetic packaging used in their daily life. The posters serve to encourage consumers to look beyond what their cosmetic packaging says, and to be aware of the actual ingredients in their bottles. So with that being said, do you actually know what’s in your bottle? Just because it says_______, doesn’t mean it actually is.