Community Hub

Julien Khurey

For decades, Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) have faced tremendous marginalization in creative spaces such as fine arts, crafts, and design. It is crucial to recognize the importance of diversity in creative fields, as different viewpoints on topics can lead to surprising and rewarding creative outcomes.

To address this issue, Community Hub was created as a community-building tool. It takes the form of a website that eliminates pain points associated with physical space, accessibility, communication issues, volunteering issues, and confusion. The tool is designed to be accessible across many levels, ensuring that it is easy and enjoyable to use by marginalized communities such as BIPOC and other individuals looking to learn or help.

The Community Hub website aims to bring people together, encourage collaboration, and provide a platform for marginalized groups to showcase their work. By eliminating barriers to entry, it promotes equity in creative spaces and encourages diversity.

The site’s visual language included expressive typography, approachable illustrations that celebrate various styles and skill levels, and an energetic, optimistic, innocent, and trustworthy color palette.