Claire Riis

Folklore is all around us. It is the stories passed down by generations and the history of what surrounds our daily lives. Folklore and folk culture are the threads intertwining the past with the present, as well as a common link across humanity. New York State is home to countless examples of this, from the Big Apple itself to the apple trees growing all across the state. FolkloreNY aims to highlight the uniqueness of the state and everything that makes it so special. The publication features a hand-selected list of stories from the New York Folklore Society set typographically in a way to capture the attention of readers and reinvigorate interest in this forgotten subject. The publication also features original folk art style illustrations in various physical mediums such as oil pastels and gouache. FolkloreNY aims to unite New Yorkers in a time where everything feels divided. After reading FolkloreNY, readers will walk away with a newfound appreciation for the Empire State and its folk culture.