New Paltz Cooking Show

Ezra Peterman

Everybody eats. Whether you’re a college student, pro home cook, or own a small business, each one of us has a unique relationship with food, cooking, and cuisine. While it may sound like a chore to busy college students, learning to cook allows us to nourish ourselves, practice creativity, and connect with others all while developing this key life skill. The New Paltz Cooking Show is a YouTube channel aimed at inspiring people to cook more food, featuring myself and peers in the community with a recipe to share. The channel provides ideas for college students and recent graduates feeling bored in the kitchen and shows that cooking can be approachable and fun. Over the past nine months, I have created, filmed, edited, and directed seven episodes. I’ve worked to set up effective compositions, fix audio issues, tinker with lighting, direct guests, and understand camera settings to achieve better video experiences. In post production, I developed workflows between Final Cut Pro X and Adobe After Effects to make the editing process more efficient and enjoyable. The brand image is straightforward and bold to help those following instructions, yet equally playful to engage viewers. Let’s cook!