Beat the Block

Patrick O’Brien

Everyone has felt stuck in their own ideas at some point, or in other words, faced a creative block. Whether stuck on a project for work, a school assignment, or an essay to write, creative block is an inevitable part of the creative process, so it is important to have access to a variety of ways to overcome it. Sometimes it’s as simple as writing an idea down and coming back to it at a later date, or just getting the ball rolling and jumping into a project head first. Throughout this year, I have conducted several exercises and surveys with people who have faced creative blocks in their lives to gather as much insight and research about how to overcome them

Beat the Block is a journal that offers different sets of prompts to complete, as well as advice and motivation to help you fight a creative block. The prompts within the journal range from creating something out of a line, to working on something for 30 days straight; all things to get you thinking creatively. Supported by an online PDF, a small zine version, and promotional materials such as an Instagram, posters and merchandise, this project is accessible to anyone who is feeling stuck about an idea, or looking to get creative.