Foster Me.

Heather Tanzella

In the U.S., over 900,000 animals are euthanized every year in shelters. Shelter dogs and cats alike are subjected to death if no one adopts them, due to lack of shelter resources such as space, money, and personnel. Now more than ever, dogs are in dire need of permanent loving homes, and fostering dogs is a way of getting them to their forever home in a safer and quicker manner.

Foster Me. is a campaign to promote dog fostering through posters, a booklet, and a website. These assets contain interviews with real dog fosterers, facts and resources about fostering, and encourages dog-lovers to consider fostering as a way to help animals in need. Over the past year, I researched this topic by volunteering at animal shelters, interviewing people who have fostered dogs, and gathering resources that would be helpful for a new foster dog parent.