Evolution of a Logo

Nat Whitehall

Throughout the last century, we’ve seen hundreds of cases of well-known brands go through the process of redesigning their logo using the influence of whichever design elements are trendy at the time to appear “current”. A big part of why brands do this is to avoid getting stale in the public eye. The reimagining of a logo is the most crucial aspect of a company’s rebrand, the logo is usually the very first thing we see that identifies a brand and acts as a symbol that represents who a brand is and what they do. Evolution of a Logo is a website that gives an investigative look into the rebrand process and why brands follow through with it. It shows several examples of famous brands who’ve made changes to their logo throughout the years and compares the key design elements in their logos from different eras. To further explore the logo evolution process, I have created a mock brand that presents three logo iterations, each one representing design trends of the 70s, 90s, and the present day. This example provides a detailed insight into how a brand can redesign its look to keep up with the ever-changing trends while retaining its distinct feel.