The Vinyl Guide

Ryan Carrick

In the age of digital streaming services, people are finding the beauty and quality in older ways of listening to vinyl records. To actually hold and listen to a record is a feeling that the digital streaming services can’t compete with. Vinyl is a delicate and complex form of music that differs from digital streaming services. There are many things to take into consideration when starting your record collection because companies will sell cheap turn-tables, speakers, differing quality of vinyl and vinyl resellers. The Vinyl Guide is a perfect way to help overcome this learning curve. Helping newcomers ease themselves into the wonders of vinyl without having to do a ton of reading and research. I also have a love for the local music scene here at New Paltz. I wanted to incorporate this scene into my project, so I have designed an original album cover for a local band, Kale. This album cover is from a live performance in March 2022 at The Spotlight at the Paramount Theater. The cover is an illustration referencing a lot of 60s and 70s album covers as the inspiration to portray the contemporary psychedelic rock scene on vinyl.