Tattooed World

Emma Riddle

Tattoos are a beautiful form of self-expression and body art. Their beauty lies in their ability to transform the skin into a canvas, giving the wearer the opportunity to express themselves in a creative and beautiful way. Their beauty also lies in their permanence, reminding the wearer of their personal journey and experiences throughout life. The intricate details and vibrant colors used in many tattoos create stunning visual effects that are aesthetically pleasing and impossible to acheive through any other medium.

Tattooed World is an interactive digital exhibition that introduces audiences to tattoo cultures across the world. Tattoo techniques and traditions have spanned hundreds of years, and this project provides a starting point into learning about this incredible artform found across the world. For my year-long senior thesis project, I wanted to combine my interests in graphic design, art history, and tattooing. The prototype includes the main interactive map, an about page, where I write about my personal experiences with tattooing, a timeline, to show the vastness of tattoo history, and a references page. The two main countries researched and prototyped are Japan and New Zealand, as they both have a long history of tattooing. In the end, I hope I’ve created something that leaves a lasting impact on audiences, as well as an appreciation for the world of tattooing.