The Art of Procrastination

Halle Risko

Procrastination is described as a lack of time management. In reality it is a psychological response to the emotions we have towards the task we are avoiding. The tools presented to students to help prevent procrastination are mainly time management oriented, and are typically ineffective. The solution doesn’t involve downloading a time management app or learning new strategies for self-control. It has to do with managing our emotions in a new way. The Art of Procrastination was designed to provide a creative outlet for procrastination in the form of a sketchbook. Doodling has a positive effect on learning retention and maintaining focus, which is beneficial when trying to stay on track when working. The pages of the sketchbook include prompts that encourage the user to acknowledge their negative feelings in a lighthearted way, coloring pages, free draw pages, and examples of how you might complete the prompt. Two characters, Cleary and Alden, act as your guides. Cleary is designed to represent the left brain. He is knowledgeable, focused, and encouraging. Alden represents the right brain. He is humorous, nonchalant, and restless. The characters and prompts were all hand drawn in ProCreate giving the sketchbook a home made and personal feeling.