Work Play Rest

Lianna Maley

Everybody works, plays, and rests, but are people balancing these three areas effectively as they grow up? Most likely not.

The shift in work, play, and rest is inevitable, however when we lack in one, it affects how we participate in the rest. Play dims at a certain age and work takes over. Society deems play as something reserved for children and we decrease the time on letting our minds explore, expand, and relax through play and rest.

Everybody needs a healthy balance of work, play, and rest. As you grow up it is vital to become aware of this shift and realize the importance of incorporating play, rest, and work into your life at every age.

Work Play Rest is a children’s book for adults. Using this simple, and nostalgic format, it forces people to reminisce and consume the material with a different mindset. Adults need to be retaught that play is important, and a balance is necessary for everyone. The book paired with a poster series, work together to remind people to play! Work Play and Rest is here to remind and inspire people to rebalance the work, play, and rest going on in their own lives.