Face How You Feel: Zines on Mental Health

Brianna Morano

Everyone struggles with their mental health at some point in their life. It can be difficult to learn how to manage our mental health and can leave us feeling alone with our struggles. Learning coping skills can help manage stress and negative emotions as they arise in our lives. It’s important to understand that our brains are malleable and our mindsets are able to shift, so we can live well-balanced and healthier lives.

Face How You Feel: Zines on Mental Health uses stories and self-care exercises to bring awareness and advocate for mental health care. The zine, Stories on Mental Health, features a collection of stories from young adults who share their mental health experiences and struggles. Its companion zine, A Self-Care Journal, contains self-reflecting journal prompts for readers to respond to, along with walk-through meditation exercises. Using photo manipulation and digital illustration to create a captivating reading experience, this set of zines aims to encourage young adults to actively take care of their mental health and recognize that they are not alone.