Inside DIY

Evelyn Marie Rose

The DIY (Do It Yourself) music scene revolves around college students and musicians. These venues are a non-judgmental environment for bands to start their careers. DIY shows are typically in the basement of a house and feature local bands. For my thesis project, I researched the DIY scene in New Paltz NY. Inside DIY was created to highlight this music community. After reading through the results of my questionnaire, I realized how much this music scene means to everyone: from the shy reserved kids to the outgoing crowds, everyone has a place and feels welcomed. Inside DIY details stories from showgoers, people I have interviewed, and DIY music I enjoy. I am a musician and I have been playing in a band since I was in elementary school. Being a musician and going to shows influenced my design decisions. I wanted colors that would stand out and lettering that gave the same “DIY” feel. I decided to create my own lettering for my branding and website. Since returning to New Paltz, I have enjoyed many DIY shows. I plan to get more students involved in the DIY scene and start enjoying more music!