MADEUP: A Visual History of Cosmetic Advertising

Ally Burgarella

As the makeup industry continues to evolve, we have seen it impact and reflect beauty ideals and standards in the U.S. Throughout history, cosmetic advertisements have shaped our definition of beauty by influencing and empowering women, as well as excluding and shaming them.

For my graphic design thesis project, I wanted to explore more about makeup, its history, and cosmetic advertising that reinforces beauty standards. Madeup: A Visual History of Cosmetic Advertising is a hardcover book showcasing a collection of makeup advertisements from 1920 – 1970. Utilizing the text and imagery from the website, Vintage Hair and Makeup Archives, I created a visually appealing book that explores the evolution of makeup and beauty ideals presented in cosmetic advertisements of the past. Through my design, we can learn more about the history of our makeup and the same beauty ideals we have seen over and over again. I hope my book inspires, educates, and creates a fun experience for readers to look through.