The Power of Privacy

Caitlin McGetrick

Our privacy is valuable. It allows us to make our own choices about the parts of ourselves that we wish to share, and lets us control what others know about us. However, it is something that has become increasingly threatened in the digital age. Massive amounts of personal data are being collected from us without our knowledge or consent while we use the internet and our digital devices. Privacy is a fundamental human right, and in our digital society it is something that needs to be protected. The Power of Privacy is an informational and engaging mobile-oriented website that aims to educate internet users and smartphone owners about digital privacy. It covers the topics of how our cellphones collect data from us, why it matters, and what we can do to help prevent it from happening. Because of the technical and possibly intimidating nature of the topic, I wanted the visual language of the project to be engaging and approachable. I coded the site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. My hope is that viewers come away with a basic understanding of the current problems that we are facing in relation to digital privacy, and are motivated to take steps to protect their own.