Why Not Money

Trivette Belgrave

Financial literacy is a critical life skill that is often overlooked and undervalued, but its importance cannot be overstated. The ability to manage personal finances effectively can impact an individual’s well-being, quality of life, and future financial security. It is essential that young adults have access to resources and education that can help them improve their financial literacy. In Why Not Money, I aim to explore the current state of financial literacy education and resources available to young adults and identify areas for improvement. Why Not Money provides insights and recommendations that can help young adults, improve financial literacy, and promote financial well-being.

My project dives into my personal experiences throughout my financial journey and why I seek financial freedom. It is important for me that I share my knowledge with other young adults who seek the same information because getting financial knowledge within the school system is almost nonexistent. Why Not Money includes a podcast, YouTube channel, and Instagram page that gives young adults reassurance about the life that they want and how it is obtainable. With these social media posts, viewers will gain positive affirmatives and lessons that change their perspective about money and how it works. Why Not Money’s episodes will feature a guests who will share information and experiences.